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(2 Cor. 10:5)

About Dr. Pablo Martínez Vila
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Tracing the Rainbow

Tracing the Rainbow

Walking through loss & bereavement

Dr. Pablo Martínez, Ali Hull
Tracing the Rainbow

Information, interviews and practical advice on the greatest losses we face: death and divorce.

Tracing the Rainbow looks at bereavement through the eyes of a psychiatrist, and through the eyes of those who have mourned themselves. A mixture of information, interviews and practical advice, it seeks to answer the questions:

  • What is grieving?
  • How does it affect people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?
  • How can those who mourn help themselves?
  • How can those around them help them?
  • What is normal grief?
  • When does grief become abnormal and in what way?
  • How do childhood experiences influence our ability to grieve, and what can we do about it?
Pablo Martínez and Ali Hull concentrate on the two greatest losses that face us: death and divorce, and seek, through a mixture of intensely personal stories and gentle psychiatric insight, to provide tools for getting through the hardest times in life.

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